A settlement form that uses a gridded urban street network (often with alleys), a commercial or mixed-use core and a mix of higher density residential development to achieve greater walkability and sociability than conventional automobile-dependent subdivisions with larger lots and winding streets.


TND developments mimic historical patterns of development, especially 19th-Century villages and city neighborhoods that were established prior to modern land planning principles.  TND settlements are also designed to promote the stronger and more insular face-to-face social networks that might have originally been necessitated by the inefficiency and expense of 19th-Century modes of transportation.


Modern modes of social interaction (cellphones, CATV, Internet) and transport may undercut the pedestrian-ism and sociability objectives of TND design. 


Example 1: Wisconsin

Wisconsin Ordinance

Description: The document is a model ordinance for communities trying to draw up a Traditional Neighborhood Design Ordinance.  Intended to be a guideline, the document frequently has commentary points to help communities refine their own ordinance.


Example 2: Porter County, Indiana

Porter County Ordinance

Description: Traditional Neighborhood Design Ordinance developed 2006-2007 for Porter County, a lake-front county in northwestern Indiana that is partially suburban and partially rural.  With encroaching development from the Chicago area, the community leaders chose to adopt a TND ordinance with the help of the EPA.


Example 3: South Euclid, OH

Cedar Center District Ordinance

Description: The City of South Euclid has adopted a TND ordinance for its Cedar Center Redevelopment. 


Photo Credits: UW-Extension, Porter County Indiana

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