Rain barrels capture relatively small amounts of roof runoff, but the captured precipitation can be used by homeowners for watering gardens or yards, and provides a better understanding of the volume of water generated by rooftops. Communities or organizations frequently organize rain barrel sales, where large shipments of barrels can be sold at a reduced cost.  Some companies will bring a truckload of barrels to your community and provide all the logistics in exchange for marketing assistance for the sale.


Helps delay the contribution of precipitation to a combined sewer system, extending local wastewater treatment capacity. Reduces off-site stormwater runoff contributions to reduce flood risks, and saves on your water bill by using greywater for irrigation rather than expensive, treated, potable water.


It doesn't need to rain much to fill the rain barrels, thus limiting their stormwater management and water reuse benefits.Also, water re-use opportunities are limited during the winter season.


Example 1: Minnesota

ORBIS Rain Barrel Truckload Sales

Minnesota Sea Grant Rain Barrel Sales

Description: One company that organizes truckload sales for communities. 


Example 2: Ohio

Cuyahoga District Rain Barrel Program

Description: Cuyahoga Conservation Districts’ webpage on Rain Barrels.  Connects to installation directions, rain barrel workshops, and sales locations.


Example 3: Joliet, IL

Joliet Rain Barrel Program 

Description: The city’s webpage highlighting discounted rain barrels and guidance for maintenance of rain barrels throughout the year.


Example 4: Michigan

Washtenaw Rain Barrel Program

Description: Washtenaw Conservation District’s webpage on the purchase, maintenance, and value of rain barrels for citizens within its boundaries.

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