Regional Planning Dashboard Tools

The ability to examine watershed health at the lake-basin level can assist regional planning efforts and provide an overall understanding of priority areas. The following links will direct you to the respective webpages containing visualized modeled data part of Tipping Point Planner. Use the tools to explore Great Lakes watersheds at the lake-basin level and prioritize watersheds for management action.


Stream Health Model

Spatially Explicit Nutrient Source Estimate Map (SENSE Map)

Impervious Surfaces Model

Great Lakes States Data Snapshots by County

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant and Purdue Extension have developed County Land Use Planning and Water Resources Dashboards to help community leaders and residents better understand their natural resources at the county level, where many land-use decisions are made. These models are based on the work of several collaborators as part of the Tipping Point Planner decision support system. Dashboard profiles are available for all counties within Great Lakes states.

What you can do:

  • See land-use change forecasts for your county.
  • Identify the total amount and sub-types of open space in your county.
  • Identify the areas of prime farmland in your county.
  • Review a summary of water quality indicators for your county.

County Planning Dashboards for Great Lakes States

Visualize county natural resource attributes and view statistics related to land use, open space, agricultural assets, and water quality in interactive dashboards.

Land Use Dashboard

Open Spaces Dashboard

Agricultural Assets Dashboard

Water Quality Dashboard