Learn more about the models used in the Tipping Point Planner.


Land Transformation Model

Land Transformation Model

Discover future land use under three scenarios: business as usual, rapid urban expansion, and biofuels expansion.



Examine the percent contribution of nutrient sources from HUC 8 watersheds into the Great Lakes.

Stream Health

Stream Health Model

View stream segment health based on land use and sensitive aquatic invertebrate taxa.

Food Webs

Food Web Model

Explore how Phosphorus loading from the Saginaw Bay watershed impacts fish, plant, and algae biomass.

Spatially Explicit

Spatially Explicit Nutrient Sources Map

Pinpoint major sources of nitrogen and phosphorus in a HUC 12 watershed.


Long-Term Hydrologic Impact Assessment

Discover how changes to the land use will affect stormwater runoff and water quality.