Water resources planning is a specialized discipline of planning that deals with planning for and managing natural and man-made systems that are typically contained within watersheds and which include hydrologic, biological, economic, and political systems. (Source: Palmer and Lundberg;


Water resources plans can address both ground- and surface-water resources, making them holistic with respect to managing different aspects of the hydrologic cycle.


Many land use and transportation activities can impact water resources and, unless integrated into a comprehensive plan, development of a discrete water resources plan document can result in a very narrowly focused set of policies.


Example 1: Minnesota

Minnesota Board of Water & Soil Resources - County Comprehensive Local Water Management

Description: MN County Water Management Plan guidance


Example 2: Ohio

Strategic Action Plans

Description: ODNR, Ohio Resources Water Council Strategic Action Plan


Example 3: Michigan 

An Introduction to Michigan's Water Resources (2nd Edition)

Developing a Watershed Management Plan for Water Quality: An Introductory Guide

Description: Michigan water resources and water management guidance 


Example 4: New York

NY Water Resources Plan

Description: Local and Regional Water Resources Planning and Development