Education about preventing the spread of invasive species can help to bring this problem under control. Using training programs or outreach programs can help to inform those using at risk bodies of water of the dangers of bringing potential invasive species to the area. Coordinating with local groups and organizations to help prevent these invasive species can provide numerous benefits to the ecosystem.


 Investment in education can help  to prevent further spread of invasive species. 


It only takes one person to alter an ecosystem by introducing invasives. Therefore, time investment may be wasted.


Example 1: Habitattitude


Description: A website explaining the importance of not releasing invasive species or plants into bodies of water.


Example 2: Illinois/Indiana

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

Aquatic Invasive Species

Description: A site describing invasive species, prevention, education, news, and research information about the topic.


Example 3: Minnesota

Minnesota Sea Grant

Description: Another website discussing the issue of invasive species. It provides workshop examples, training manuals and overviews for guidance.



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