Communities, businesses, or non-profits may install a stormwater practice that is not in common use in the area as an educational project to help others (designers, homeowners, regulators, etc.) better understand how this practice works and looks.  This can be an effective tool at spurring further use of this practice by overcoming the barriers of "unknown" practices.


Helps to bring awareness to the community as to what other practices are available that can be beneficial.


Highlighting a single aspect could be problematic if it fails due to unforeseen circumstances.


Example 1: Minnesota

Lakeside Stormwater Demonstration Project

Description: Installation of various stormwater BMP's in an existing residential neighborhood, with pre- and post- installation monitoring and survey work to determine acceptance, maintenance, and function of BMP's.


 Example 2: EPA

EPA Examples of BMP

Description: The EPA provides examples of BMP or Integrated Management Practices (IMP's) that can be used.