Erosion control workshops are designed to help reduce the amount of sediment and other particles displaced by natural and human related causes. Sediment loss reduces the effectiveness of farmlands that rely on the soil to be as efficient as possible. Workshops function to properly teach landowners, farmers, and others how to properly reduce the amount of sediment loss caused by changing weather patterns.


Helps landowners, farmers, businesses, and others to reduce the amount of sediment lost on their property. Giving them the information to help change their practices  can result in less pressure on government and environmental organizations. Helps to prevent further possible clean-up or projects in the future.


Takes time and money to implement and organize. It is possible that the information relayed to those attending may not be utilized.


Example 1: Illinois

Erosion Control Overview

Description: Gives an overview of their erosion & sediment control workshop. Displays the template they used for a past three module workshop.


Example 2: Kentucky

 Erosion Control Field Guide

Description: This is a field guide that goes through prevention techniques. This document is an education piece that can be used for reference for ideas or information. 


Example 3: USDA

Comprehensive Erosion Control Packet

Description: A comprehensive document discussing erosion control techniques, practices, and equipment for urban areas.



Example 4: Manitowoc, WI

City of Manitowoc Erosion Control 

Description: Codes regarding construction site erosion protocol.



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