Landscaped Boulevards make driving through an area more enjoyable.  When it is done with native plant species the spaces can require nearly zero maintenance while still providing the benefits of landscaping. 


Generally perceived to be a roadway improvement.  Landscaped median can break up roadway so it feels less like a cut through a neighborhood.  Shrinking the perceived width of the roadway tends to reduce speeding and make the facility safer.


If the landscaping needs to be maintained, projects can leave a hefty maintenance commitment.  Roadway beautification can be a polarizing issue politically.


Example1: Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Sustainable Boulevards

Description: A program operated by the city’s Forestry Section that would work to improve the boulevard system with plants and trees that would require less time and money to maintain while improving the neighborhood aesthetics.


Example 2: City of Melbourne

Landscape Treatment Policy

Description: Landscape treatment policy for nature strips and medians in streets, avenues an boulevards.


Example 3: Chicago, IL

Chicago Green Infrastructure

Description: PowerPoint highlighting Chicago’s investments in green street infrastructure which can be emulated when designing landscaping for other streets.


Example 4: Bay-Lake, WI

Bay-Lake Corridors 

Description: Using land corridors to preserve natural resources in the state of Wisconsin.