Tree planting programs are often run by cities to increase the number of trees coverage throughout the city.


Trees are attractive and often increase property values.  They help consume carbon dioxide which is found in abundance in urban areas and can decrease heating and cooling costs by providing canopy to the ground beneath them. 


Even with planting programs, trees are often not free and require residents to pay fees that can be cost prohibitive.  Some program severely limit the species of trees eligible for planting which decreases diversity and may not match the the tree best suited to a location.


Example 1: Berkley, Michigan

Berkley Tree Planting Program

Description: Berkley’s Tree Planting Program has the attached flyer that walks residents through the thought process of buying a tree and determining which tree is right for them.


Example 2: Ohio

Ohio Tree Planting Program 

Description: Ohio DNR’s tree planting webpage offers guidance for planting trees of all kinds.


Example 3: Chicago, IL

Chicago Tree Planting Program 

 Description: Chicago’s Tree Planting program takes the cost burden from the residents but retains review power over if a site should receive a tree.