The Tipping Point Planner is a collaborative effort by researchers and extension staff students from universities and organizations in the Great Lakes region. Click on the liniks below to learn more about collaborators and their work.

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NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory

  • Dr. Edward Rutherford – Research Fishery Biologist



Human-Environment Modeling & Analysis Laboratory

  • Dr. Bryan Pijanowski – Professor
  • Dr. Kimberly Robinson – Former Graduate Student
  • NahNah Kim – Former Graduate Student

Agricultural & Biological Engineering

  • Dr. Bernard Engel – Professor and Department Head
  • Dr. Larry Theller – Research Associate (Retired)
  • Dr. Yaoze Liu – Postdoctoral Research Assistant



Michigan State University Hydrogeology Lab

  • Dr. David Hyndman – Professor and Department Chair
  • Dr. Anthony Kendall – Research Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Sherry Martin – Research Associate
  • Emily Luscz – Former Graduate Student

Michigan State University Center for Water Sciences

  • Dr. R. Jan Stevenson – Professor and Co-Director of CWS



Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability

  • Dr. Mike Wiley – Professor (Retired)
  • Dr. Catherine Riseng – Professor



Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research

  • Dr. Hongyan Zhang – Associate Research Scientist


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USGS Great Lakes Science Center

  • Dr. Yu-Chun Kao – Research Associate



University of Minnesota Duluth Natural Resource Research Institute

  • Dr. Lucinda Johnson –Associate Director for Water



Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

  • Dr. Brian Miller – Director (Retired) and Project Manager
  • Kara Salazar - Sustainable Communities Extension Specialist
  • Dan Walker - Community Planning Extension Specialist
  • Lydia Utley - Data Analyst
  • Ben Wegleitner – Outreach Assistant

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Lydia Utley
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Program Contact
Kara Salazar
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Telephone :(765) 496-1070